4 Ways to Save on Amtrak

For Thanksgiving I was traveling to visit my parents when it occured to me: I actually know the Amtrak system fairly well. Amtrak's pricing system is far simpler than any of the airlines!

There are a few important variables to saving money on Amtrak:

  1. Purchase your ticket far in advance.  The prices increase linearly as you get closer to the travel date.
  2. Use a AAA or Student Discount to get 10% off (keep in mind, you must book 3 days in advance to get these discounts!)
  3. Search Google and other discount sites (retailmenot.com is one of my favorites) for coupon/discount codes
  4. Sign up for their frequent traveler program and check their site amtrakguestrewards.com for double miles and other current promotions

Had I book my Thanksgiving trip on the day of travel, it would have cost $71.  By following the above tips, I saved over $25 and it costs me just $42.  If anyone has other good tips for saving on Amtrak, please leave a note.

P.S. I love some of the people in the background that showed up during my filming at Penn Station!