4 Ways to Lower Your Rent - How I Saved $7,600 a Year

Rent: the biggest expense in my life. After 3 years in New York City, I understood the game.  Its all about negotiating for your apartment renewal.  With the unemployment at a high, the buyer holds the firm advantage.

I really enjoyed making this video.  I share the negotiating techniques I used to save over $7,600 a year for my roommates and I on the renewal of my midtown Manhattan 2 br/2 bath apartment.  If you want advice or help in your own negotiating, please contact me, its a challenge I enjoy.

The 4 points to use when negotiating your renewal:

  1. Find the current rates in your building by having a friend call the landlord or look at the building's website
  2. Locate comparable apartments in your neighborhood and their prices
  3. Explain how you really like living there and why you are good tenants (pay on time, keep the place clean, and are quiet)
  4. It hurts the landlord if you leave (they have to repaint, fix the place up, miss a month's rent as it sits empty, and they have to deal with brokers)

As long as you're willing to actually walk away, you can win. Good luck negotiating, a few minutes of your time can earn you a vacation to Thailand or that new 52" LCD tv you've been looking at.