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How I Saved 30% on my Time Warner Cable Bill in 10 Minutes

by Adam Kornfield on September 29th, 2009

Call your cable provider, threaten to cancel your service, and negotiate a lower rate – said the article in the Wall Street Journal.

Since my cable bill is split 3 ways amongst my roommates and I, I don’t really care much about a decrease.  However, simply as an exercise in negotiating I wanted to see if I could get something out of them.  We have TV/DVR and a cable modem for internet.  Total bill with tax $137.05.  Digging my bill out of my cabinet, I called the toll free number.

My Pitch

  • Its a recession
  • My income is suffering
  • I’m a good customer. I pay on time, every time
  • I like Time Warner Cable
  • I really don’t want to cancel, but need to save the money

With the initial sales rep, I took her through my pitch.  She wasn’t impressed.  She kept offering me some promotion to lock in my rate for 2 years.  I don’t want to keep the current rate, I want to pay less.

It literally took three (3) iterations of my pitch before she said: “I’m connecting you to our retention department.”

The Home Stretch
“Good afternoon Mr. Kornfield, we want to keep you as a customer and want to offer you an all in rate including tax of $94.80″ said the employee in customer retention.  At this point I screwed up.  I got so excited that I immediately accepted their first offer.  Since they were willing to play ball, I should have held out for something better.

In the end I saved my roommates and I $42.25 per month or 30.8%.  Not bad for 10 minutes of work.

Try it Yourself
I told the story to my one buddy.  He got all excited and tried it.  His first attempt failed and they wouldn’t give him any discount.  Discouraged he called me with his pitch. I gave him some pointers and he retried.

The second time, he achieved the same success as me.  With the right words, anyone can achieve a huge discount with a few minutes of time.

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