Looking to book award travel?
I'm a specialist using United miles to book economy, business, and first class tickets. I've been all over the world (51 countries so far) and love using miles.

Want to fly first class on Thai Airways on the 777 from Paris-Bangkok? How about First class on the A380 on Lufthansa? I will get you booked.

Turns out there are many routing rules that few know.

  • You're allowed up to 8 segments each way
  • You can have an open jaw. i.e. fly New York-Paris. Then travel overland to Amsterdam and fly from there
  • You can have a stopover. i.e. fly into Tokyo and stay for 3 days, then continue your round trip flight
  • Flying to Asia. You can fly from the US through Europe, layover, and then continue on to Asia

Want to explore your options? Simply email me what you're thinking and I'm happy to give my input. If you like my ideas and want to book the flight its $50 per ticket booked.

It doesn't cost anything to explore your options. So even if its just an idea, email me now. Once you get booked then you can pay via Paypal or check.

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