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Adam was always fascinated by the intersection of business, computers, and psychology.  For several years after university he worked on Wall Street as an analyst at a hedge fund.  While the stock market provided immense intellectual intrigue, there always felt like something was missing. 

Several years ago, Adam met Joey Cofone at an entrepreneur meetup in NYC.  They fast became friends and worked on several projects over the years.  They had discussed making a paper notebook.  After years of discussion, they decided to do it.  Baron Fig was born.



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  • Bitcoin
  • Startups
  • Public Speaking
  • Finance & Economics





55 countries visited

Asia - China, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Macau, Vietnam, Myanmar (Burma), Taiwan, Brunei, Japan, Cambodia, South Korea, Sri Lanka

Africa - Swaziland, Tanzania, South Africa, Morocco

Middle East - Israel, United Arab Emirates

Europe - Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, England, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Ireland, Portugal, Turkey, Poland, Portugal, Latvia

South America - Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia

Central America - Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama

North America - Mexico, Canada, USA

Caribbean Trinidad & Tobago, Bahamas, Aruba, St. Maarten


Before Baron Fig I used to blog about finance and travel.


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